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Red River Roots

Jesse’s connection to his Red River Roots goes back over a century. He hears of how his family shaped his history with what he now has today. He goes on a spiritual journey to bring his great great great uncle a piece of home.

Red River Roots  Screened at the Gimli Film Festival 2018 in Gimli, Manitoba as well as the LA Skins Fest in 2018 in Los Angeles, California

View the Film at https://youtu.be/RxMgtbuEe8o 

The Princess Who Saved the Kingdom

The story follows Princess Joanna and he inner battle with her role to become future Queen. Joanna runs away from the Kingdom and meets an unlikely old friend.

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Rachel Beaulieu

Producer, Director Rachel Beaulieu, raise in Sandy Bay First Nation, Manitoba, Canada. She began her career after graduating from Media Production at Assiniboine Community College in 2010. 

Rachel’s passion for the industry started in childhood, creating and directing plays with neighbourhood children and doing photo shoots with siblings on disposable cameras. 

Most of her career has been as a broadcast video editor, she has worked on award winning shows and documentaries in Canada. 

Rachel’s goal to be a director has been long and watchful; she has worked alongside many as an editor. Her main work has been editing documentaries. Her first debuted film is called “Red River Roots”. Rachel is currently working at MFNERC where she creates original content for cultural and educational purposes.

What’s Next up for Rachel? 

She is currently working on a documentary on Wilfred Buck, MFNERC Science Facilitator and all around “Star Guy”. This is a documentary about how Wilfred’s goal to find and fill the sky with his cultures lost Ininew constellations brings him into contact with many people around the world and their lives that have been changed for the better, including my own. 

Rachel Beaulieu - Owner, Can Dream Productions

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